Guy Spoofs The McDonald's Emoji Ad In The Cleverest, Most Brutal Way — PHOTO

McDonald's does some pretty good advertising. They do some pretty average advertising too, but overall, their campaigns are strong (can anyone say "I'm lovin' it"?). Their latest ads have caused a little bit of a stir, which inspired one guy to spoof the McDonald's emoji ads. Emojis, obviously, are what all the kids are using these days, so McDonald's is showing that it's truly down with youth culture by telling commercial stories with the tiny little illustrations. The problem for McDonald's is, it's very easy to add an extra emoji to change the entire meaning of their picture story, which is exactly what someone did.

The ad in question features emojis of a car and construction work, which is obviously about being stuck in traffic. The little emoji face is crying, sees a McDonald's emoji, and then is happy. To be honest, that's exactly how I would feel if I'd been stuck in traffic for hours, and I most certainly not hesitate to stop at a McDonald's to reward myself for being involuntarily trapped for so long. Because nothing says "I survived" like saturated fat and high fructose corn syrup. McDonald's current slogan is "good times", because that's what you get when you eat McDonald's. Here's what the ad looks like:

And here's how someone modified one of the billboards in Bristol, UK:

Here are some more of McDonald's emoji ads, and I have to admit, some of them are weird:

1. This inappropriately sexist ad

2. This one that seems to be about doing a really awful poo

3. This one that knows its audience (people at airports)

4. This awesome emoji composite ad in France

5. Another one of the French ads