Colorblind Guy Sees Purple For The First Time With New Glasses, And His Freak Out Is Too Cute For This World — VIDEO

Can you imagine being completely colorblind and having everything look muted in comparison to what everyone else sees? Okay, well, now imagine living that way and then finally putting on a pair of glasses and seeing the colors clearly for the first time in your life. That's what happened to this gentleman. This guy is colorblind and saw the color purple for the first time on Lysol cleaning wipes. I've never seen someone so excited about cleaning wipes. (Though, they are a huge time saver, so I'm not sure why.) He goes into complete hysterics. In a very low-key way, it looks like he's been given some sort of drug to induce extreme euphoria. (Like, Felix Felicis, for all you HP fans.)

It honestly reminds me a lot of the scene in The Majestic (yeah, I remember what happened in The Majestic, stop judging me) when they're teaching Jim Carrey to read again. (He reads for the first time and gets really excited about reading the cleaning supply bottle. See that connection.)

Because he's colorblind, Ethan sees green as brown or yellow and sees pink as silver or blue. For his birthday, his friend James got him EnChroma glasses and didn't tell Ethan what they were. So, to say he was pretty surprised to be seeing color all of a sudden is an understatement.

Here's Ethan with the Lysol wipes:


And now he's embracing the green coloring of this tree:


*heart melts*

Soak up this happiness:


Watch the full video:

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"IT'S PINK! It's pink? IT'S PINK!"

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