What If Veronica Mars Became The Sheriff Of Neptune? You Know She'd Get Things Done

If there's one television character who knows how to get stuff done, it's Veronica Mars' heroine, Veronica herself. Veronica started out as just another peppy cheerleader apart of an elite popular clique called the 09ers at Neptune High School — but after the death of her best friend Lilly, the loss of her social status, and her being exiled from her former friends, she turned into someone who her high school sophomore self perhaps wouldn't even recognize. Veronica ditched her cheerleader uniform, grabbed her camera and a knapsack, and stepped into the often seedy world of private investigation. Unsurprisingly, she was damn good at her job — and maybe even a little addicted to it. In The Veronica Mars Movie that followed the series, fans watched as Veronica turned her back on her promising future in law to return to Neptune and, ultimately, to her one true calling: keeping Neptune's citizens safe... for a paycheck, of course.

Veronica didn't start as the only Mars in the private investigation business, though: she followed in the footsteps of her father, whom, after being stripped of his title of Balboa County Sheriff, turned to PI work to make a living. That makes me wonder — could Veronica be the next in line for the badge? It certainly isn't the worst idea in the world... who else would be better at a takeover than another Mars?

Here's what would change in Neptune if Veronica was put in charge of things, because you know she's clean up the streets of this seedy Southern California town:

There Would Be Better Relations Between The PCHers And Law Enforcement

Look, I'm not saying that the gang is ever going to totally change their ways and become law-abiding citizens, but I do think that with Veronica as Sheriff, there may be a lot less tension between these two groups. She's BFFs with Weevil, and now that he's seemingly back in with his former "friends," it looks like Veronica may have a man on the inside.

There Would Be No More Corruption In The Sheriff's Police Department

Veronica's dad cracked down on this, too, but Veronica has an even better radar for corruption than dear ol' Keith. She's not letting anyone join her squad unless they're loyal and not secretly trading sexual favors for liquor licenses, a la some of Don Lamb's former crew.

The Kane Family Would Have A Lot Less Power

Because Veronica would not care about their money, and instead about how they're constantly trying to manipulate people with it. No thanks.

Survivors Would Be Believed

One of the most painful moments in Veronica Mars is when Veronica goes to report being raped to Sheriff Lamb... who proceeds to literally laugh in her face. There's no way that would ever happen with Veronica as Sheriff — she knows all too well how hard it is to come forward with something like that, and would make sure every victim of a crime had a chance to tell his or her story.

She Would Encourage Unity Amongst Social Classes

One of Neptune's biggest problems is its enormous class division. If Veronica was Sheriff, she would encourage public programs that everyone — rich or not-so-much — could participate in, because you shouldn't have to be an 09er to enjoy life in Neptune.

She'd Make Wallace Honorary Deputy

Even if he doesn't want to go into law enforcement full-time, you just know Wallace is going to be Veronica's right-hand man on every case.

Every Officer Will Take (Their Own Version Of) Backup

Dogs for everyone!

Logan Won't Be Allowed To Wear Anything Other Than His Military Uniform

He really should only wear that.

Veronica Mars Movie sequel time, anyone?

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