When Will Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick Get Married? The 'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Stars Might Tie the Knot Soon

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick’s proposal was the literal centerpiece of this season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Ever since it dropped in the third episode, questions about how and when Brendan and Morgan are getting married have been all over social media. But they haven’t set a date — yet. In an interview with Wetpaint, Morgan shared that she already has a dress in mind, but still needed to go scouting for a suitable venue — and that she and Brendan were planning to start the process in the first week of July.

I was surprised to hear that Morgan had such an easy time looking for a dress, but I guess it makes sense. She is one of the “Rich Kids,” after all. When, through a combination of money, fame, and determination you can get anything imaginable, maybe the Bridezilla drama is kept to a minimum. So, if she remains relatively drama-free, seems like Morgan and Brendan can keep planning their wedding at a relatively quick pace. Personally, I’m guessing that they’ll officially get hitched sometime in late spring 2016. Now, I’m a notoriously bad guesser, but I have a hunch that on this one, I may end up being correct. And, I’m taking all of my evidence from other Rich Kids episodes that seem to point at mid-2016 as the perfect time for the Stewart-Fitzpatrick union

1. Every Season Has Opened With A Milestone For The Couple

From their anniversary trip to Mexico in Season 1, to the proposal in Season 3, each season of Rich Kids has tracked the future of Morgan and Brendan.

2. Morgan’s Mom Wants Them To Get Married

I love Morgan’s mom Susan. From her Swiss accent to her very chic thick-framed glasses, she’s one of my favorite non-kids on Rich Kids. And, she’s been very vocal from the beginning of the show that she thinks that commitment is necessary if this relationship is going to succeed. Therefore, I don’t predict a super-long engagement for these two.

3. Morgan’s Birthday Is In May

I can’t decide if this is a point for or against my theory. I mean, Morgan clearly loves her birthday. She has plenty of Instagram pictures to point that out. And, therefore, she must have a love of a good late spring event. However, might she want to pick a totally different wedding date in order to avoid accidentally upstaging herself.

4. It Takes About A Year To Plan A Wedding, Right?

I always thought that was the accepted wisdom: That if you were planning a big wedding you should give yourself about a year to get it together. Since Morgan and Brendan are, you know, rich and all, I’m sure they have luxuries that the rest of us don’t. But, they still need to book several venues, print and send “save the date” and wedding invitations, and wrangle the no doubt hundreds of people desperate to attend a celebrity wedding. That takes time.

5. It Would Be The Right Time To Film Season 4 Or 5 Of ‘Rich Kids’

Season 1 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills premiered in the winter, and was about the previous summer. Seasons 2 and 3 aired during the summer and were about the previous winter/early spring. So basically the show can film and air anytime. If Season 4 starts up soon, they can capture the planning process, and Season 5 can be all about the wedding. Or, if there’s another year long break, the

6. I Don't Think They Can Wait Much Longer Than That

One thing that's a big positive to this couple is that they can't freakin' wait to get married. Practically every scene in every episode is one or both of them excitedly talking about getting married.

7. I'm Sure The Rest Of The Crew Will Be Exhausted In A Year

Look, a year of having things all about one couple is OK. But, more than that? The squad will revolt. It seems like both Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart are super into the whole idea of getting married, and the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills stars are already in the throes of wedding planning, so a year from now? They'll either be excommunicated from the cast, or they'll be celebrating their nuptials. I'm calling it now.