What's Bullock's Secret TV Obsession?

I'm starting to think that what the world needs to distract itself from its problems is for Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence to make a movie together and give the most likeable dual press tour of all time. Because they just say things and they're great and we all go "oooooh." This time it's nothing particularly revelatory, but we do get to learn that Sandra Bullock is a big Downton Abbey fan and her thoughts on TV acting.

Bullock, as we talked about before, was recently named Entertainment Weekly 's Entertainer of the Year because she's great. Because of this she did an interview, during which she dropped some nice little tidbits. Like her favorite shows:

I’m desperately waiting for Downton Abbey to come back, and I’m into Season 1 of Scandal. Talk about sexy decadence. I want to be with the president.

(Side note: If she still wants to get with Fitz she's obviously only in Season 1.)

She also said something that gets our hopes all kinds of up for the future:

When I was seeing television progress, I thought, 'How exciting that when I'm ready to do TV it's going to be amazing.' When you look at cable it's sometimes better than the moves. I'm not afraid of the landscape changing from large to small screen if it's as rich as it is now.

So what we're hearing from this is that Bullock will gladly move to a TV drama or comedy of her choice if offered the right script?