The #Multimasking Beauty Trend Is Taking Over

by Lauren Turner

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to combine all of the good-for-you abilities of multiple beauty masks into one? While it seems impossible, it's actually far from it, according to the Internets. Introducing the #multimasking beauty trend, which is making its way from our Instagram feeds onto our faces. Let me clear things up: #multimasking doesn't just include wearing a mask and doing your laundry, even though that's a must-do Sunday Funday routine for me. Instead, it means spending your "me time" with not just one mask, but a bunch of masks (sort of), because we all know that the more masks, the merrier.

The trend that's been making a splash online for a while now includes using multiple masks that target specific areas of your face, all at once. And it doesn't just stop at masks. You can pile on nose pore strips, lip plumper pads, and even those cool eye papers that make it look that you actually slept all night.

Multimasking, at first look, reminds me a lot of contouring because of the strategic placement of each mask. But since you're using products that help to clean out gunk and leave your skin feeling better than ever, it's literally nothing like contouring. So obviously, this is a beauty trend that I'm definitely going to try (aka, I'm going to paint my boyfriend's face with as many masks as possible).

In preparation, here are 10 examples of #multimasking that are worth trying out.

1. The War Paint

2. The Nose Pore Strip

3. The Four Mask Wonder

4. The Cotton Shower Moisture Sheets

5. The Eye Patch Combo

6. The Mud Masks

7. The Lowercase T-Zone

8. The Almost Edible Masks

9. The Blended Masks

10. The Two-Toned Mask

11. The True Contour

Images: b0rnflyyy/Instagram(1)