Divorce Finalized & New Rumor Surfaces

If it feels like it's been just about forever since Ashton Kutcher broke off his six-year marriage to Demi Moore, that's because it's actually really been a long time: According to USA Today, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore finalized their divorce yesterday in LA after two years of separation and a year-long pending divorce.

TMZ, Hollywood's very own version of Big Brother, broke the news today, along with details about the reason their split took so long: Apparently, they were fighting over money, as Moore wanted spousal support even though she technically makes more than Kutcher. According to the gossip site, Moore eventually backed off her demands when Kutcher agreed to give Moore "somewhat more [money] than he had to," and the divorce was finalized.

While the breakdown of a marriage is always sad news, Kutcher is undoubtedly happy: He has, of course, been dating his former That 70's Show co-star Mila Kunis since about April 2012.

It may be even better news for him than anyone thinks, though, depending on whether or not the next piece of gossip is true: On the same day that news of Moore and Kutcher's divorce being finalized hit the web, rumors began circulating that Kunis may actually be pregnant with Kutcher's baby. If she is, it's a good thing that Kutcher's divorce is finally out of the way.

While it's obviously smart to take this with a grain of salt, HollywoodLife points out that the signs are worth noting:

Mila has been sporting a number of oversized ensembles recently, and her latest outfit — a baggy gray sweater and light wash jeans — fueled the pregnancy rumor, as the look hid her petite frame. The low-key look is a cute casual style, but it is quite the departure from Mila’s sexier, figure-hugging outfits!

When Mila, 30, was spotted out to dinner with Ashton on Nov. 25, Ashton tried to shield Mila from the paparazzi’s cameras, according to TMZ.

Could be coincidence, of course, but the lover of celebrity drama almost wants this to be true just to see what sorts of hilarious "DEMI CAN'T BELIEVE IT" and "DEMI/MILA FEUD" stories that tabloids cook up in the coming weeks, because you know they will.