17 Hawaiian Print Clothing & Accesory Items To Pay Tribute To Your Dad's Favorite Shirt All Year Round

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There’s no sartorial option that screams summer quite as much as classic Hawaiian print clothing. However, the same print on that horrid button-down your dad insists on wearing almost every day in the summer is actually an all-year must. You see, Hawaiian print isn’t just for dads, uncles, or grandpas trying to be hip. It's a super cute and wearable pattern that'll add a touch of retro chic vibes to any outfit, any time.

Hawaiian print is colorful, full of flowers, extremely bright, and irrevocably cheery — all perfect characteristics for clothes, no matter the season. Your dad’s old fraternity shirt from college might be a hopeless case, sure. However, those beautiful blouses, printed shorts, and ultra sweet rompers will carry you month to month.

Here are 17 Hawaiian print clothing and accessory items that are sure to be your trusted companions for the rest of summer and beyond, in both plus and straight sizes. The print is cooler than you think, I promise. Plus, your pops would surely agree.

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