Watch These Two Sisters Give A Musical Wedding Toast That Just Took Sisterhood To The Next Level — VIDEO

We've been in the thick of wedding season for a good minute now, and although September offers a bit of relief, it actually serves mostly as completely vital recharging time for another boost in nuptials in October. Although I'm not opposed to just kicking back with a conversation with the cute mixologist at the open bar, occasionally a bit more is expected of you. Especially, say, when the bride is your sister. These two sisters of the bride nailed their wedding toast by way of musical medley, fire dance moves, and heartfelt lyricisms.

To think all I offered at my own sister's wedding was a weak, riffed speech at the rehearsal dinner, mostly highlighting our many, many hours logged playing MASH in family car trips. Clearly I didn't put a ton of thought into it, but I'd like to blame my parents here for not providing me an additional sister with whom I could have cracked a more elaborate, viral-worthy plan. Alas.

Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman, co-maids of honor, shook down the attendees of their sister Caitlyn's ceremony. The two reworked lyrics from songs I'd wager the three enjoyed growing up. Arranged chronologically, they worked through the history of their sisterhood, Caitlyn's courting with her new husband, the big question pop, and finally, warm wishes for the future. And oh boy, was there ever an interpretive dance component.

What the Hallerman sisters lacked in musical prowess, they more than made up for in enthusiasm and sincerity. Guys, they included a Backstreet Boys song. For all you Generation Z-ers, I must explain: This is very important to the core of people our (my and the Hallerman sisters') age.

See? Her groom gets it. Obvs, he is a keeper. Here is the effort in full below—I DARE you not to cry:

I wonder if my sister would be willing for a wedding do-over. Not only because it would be nice and fun, but also maybe so then I could adopt another dark-haired, 20ish woman to synchronize a few songs at the reception with me. What? I mean, sisters are clearly the best.

Congrats to Caitlyn and her new husband! Y'all cute. And in one final celebration (and because it's Friday), let's all pay way-earned respects to this classic musical number:

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