11 'The Revenant' Trailer Moments That Prove Leonardo DiCaprio Is Pure Lumbersexual

Leonardo DiCaprio is living his best life right now. In the midst of enjoying a decidedly chill summer, though noticeably less aggressively than previous summers, and possibly putting the Rihanna dating rumors to rest by reportedly dating model Kelly Rohrbach (although being the center of a Rihanna dating rumor sounds like a life goal rather than a problem), DiCaprio appears in the new trailer for The Revenant, and he looks good a.f. The trailer opens with DiCaprio in head to toe fur and and a ruggedly coiffed beard like he woke up looking this fabulously lumbersexual. In Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu's followup Birdman, DiCaprio stars as storied 1820s frontiersman, hunter, and famous wilderness man, Hugh Glass. Personally, I'm not entirely convinced that this movie isn't actually an ode to old timey manliness directed by Ron Swanson due to the sheer number of 1800s beards and a scene where DiCaprio tries to fight off a bear, leading him travel injured and alone for "more than 200 miles" through snow-covered wilderness. Entertainment Weekly calls Glass's journey as a quest for "redemption and safety," I call it a trek through manly-man-man stuff, and snow. And giant murderous wild pigs! The only thing missing are the flannel button-downs.

Here are all the moments that prove DiCaprio is embracing his inner lumbersexual in The Revenant, because it's the role he was born to play:

First, Can We Talk About This Wilderness Survival ~*Fashion*~?

So chic.

Don't You Hate When The Blood Of Your Enemies Inconveniently Splatters Everywhere?


Mountain Man, or Hipster?

You decide.

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

But do you lift BODIES?

This Quiet Moment Of Fireside Contemplation...

...and really great hair.

This Sensual Embrace

That perfectly groomed beard.

Tom Hardy Is There

Hardy may also play a lumbersexual in this movie.

This All-Too-Familiar Moment Of Meta Role-Reversal

"I'll never let go, Jack!"

This Cool Guy

Enjoying a refreshing bite of new-fallen snow.

Yet Another Oscar-Worthy Hair Moment:

The Academy should seriously consider adding a "Best Hair" category.

This Cool Sideways Action-Guy Move

With some noteworthy hairography.

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