Who Is Bill Hader's Wife?

by Maitri Suhas

Bill Hader is one of my celebrity crushes that I don't totally understand. He's goofy, he's lanky, and he looks kind of like a half-sinister, prankster ghoul — he should have played Peeves in the Harry Potter movies — but regardless, I adore him deeply. Maybe because he gave the world Stefon. Maybe because in interviews, especially those with his comedy soulmate Kristen Wiig, he never fails to make me laugh. I just want the best for the Trainwreck star, which is why it makes me happy as a (creepy) fan that Bill Hader seems super happy with his wife Maggie Carey. But who exactly is she? Hader's partner is a writer and director with a great sense of humor, so it's no surprise they make a good match.

Hader, 37, and Carey, 38, have been married since 2006, and have three children. Though you might not know Carey's face, I bet you know her work. Carey is a comedy writer and director out of New York City, and her biggest project to date is The To Do List, which she wrote and directed. And! Her hilarious husband Hader starred in the film as a guy named "Willy." (LOL.)

The 2013 comedy starring Aubrey Plaza as a nerdy high school senior who has some sexual acts on her agenda before she goes away to college was hilarious, and featured a scene that had everyone talking. Aubrey Plaza masturbates on screen — gasp! I know it shouldn't be so shocking, but female masturbation on-screen is still a major taboo. Props to Maggie Carey for giving the middle finger to audience's prudish sensibilities (and, of course, to Aubrey Plaza for doing it).


But that's not Carey's only impressive resumé entry. The filmmaker, who grew up in Boise, Idaho, where she set The The To List, said in an interview with her husband that she's always been an overachiever. Describing what she was like in high school, Carey told USA Today, "I was definitely incredibly Type A. I was in every AP class and played a ton of sports. I loved class." Hader followed up with, "I barely graduated high school." Opposites sometimes really do attract.

Carey was a member of Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, which probably means that her star is on the rise since UCB is notorious for churning out stars. In fact, that's where she met Aubrey Plaza — they were in class together! — and how she came to approach her about starring in her awkward teen sex movie. I would have loved to sit in on that lunch meeting.

The comedy power couple really doesn't like talking about their private life, so it's tough to know too much about Hader and Carey and their three daughters, Hannah, Harper, and Hayley, who was born last fall. But Hader did say in an interview when, much to the entertainment world's dismay, he left Saturday Night Live, that he missed his boo: "The whole reason we're moving to California is that we're tired of being apart all the time. Doing SNL was a huge time commitment. You'd have weeks off and you'd have to go to L.A. It's about rolling with the punches."

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But maybe the sweetest story is how they met. Carey and Hader first crossed paths thanks to a mutual, funny friend — a guy they both knew who was in Hader's sketch group. She told MagicValley.com, "They didn’t actually have a theater they were affiliated with — they put on shows in their friends’ backyard. In one of the sketches, Bill was wearing overalls and no shirt. I’m from Idaho, and that’s a total turn-on. After the show, I was like, 'Who is that funny guy in the overalls?'" I would fall in love with Bill Hader in overalls, too. Let's hope they do many more projects together and become royalty in the comedy world.

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