Aubrey O'Day Releases "White Lightning" Music Video That Has A Lot Of Trippy Dumblonde Moments — VIDEO

Aubrey O'Day's got a new song — and an exciting new music video to match. O'Day teamed up with Shannon Bex, her former Danity Kane bandmate, to form a new pop duo called Dumblonde (the only one "B" making it a clever portmanteau). On Friday, they released the "White Lightning" music video for their new single, and it's a doozy. Exclusively in black and white, the video is sexy and artsy, and super psychadelic.

O'Day co-directed the video with Justin Jones, and was amped about exercising creative control. “Our sound is completely different than anything our fans were used to with Danity Kane,” O’Day told Us Weekly, “We We creatively controlled every aspect: from styling, shooting, producing, editing, writing... Literally everything.” They're definitely distancing themselves from the Danity Kane, the group that formed in 2005 on Diddy's reality show Making the Band. That band broke up in 2009, but had chart-topping albums with singles that included "Show Stopper" and "Damaged."

The video feels like a throwback to the big production values of the '80s, but the visuals feel like out of the groovy 1960s. The video uses strobe lights, kaleidoscope effects ,and sexy silhouettes to create a kind of hallucinatory mood and atmosphere that will leave you feeling entertained, but psyched out. Here's the hot new vid, and snapshots of its trippiest moments.

1. When You're Seeing Double

Two Aubrey O'Days for the price of one!

2. When the Sheets Come Off


3. When the Lighting Makes It Look Like She's in Jail

Black is the new black.

4. When She Looks Exactly Like Courtney Love

Wait, is that Courtney Love?

5. When She Kisses Herself 8 Times

At least, that's what it seems like it's going for.

6. When You're Looking Through the Kaleidoscope

Like the MacBook Photo Booth effect.

7. When the Twins From The Shining Show Up


8. When There's an Illuminati Triangle

Totes Illuminati.

It's refreshing that O'Day co-directed the video herself, and the catchy song and trippy visuals show that she is an exciting force in pop music. Can't wait to see what Dumblonde comes out with next.

Images: Vevo (8), Giphy (1)