Eva Chen Has Officially Joined The Instagram Team

Many congratulations are in order as it was announced Friday morning that Eva Chen is Instagram's new head of fashion partnerships. The former Editor In Chief of Lucky magazine proudly shared the news by all-too-appropriately uploading a photo to Instagram, flashing a peace sign to the camera as she took one giant step through the social media platform's fancy double doors.

Chen officially confirmed her resignation from Lucky this past April by first uploading a collage of issue covers produced under her direction to Instagram, followed by a series of six emotional tweets explaining her departure. It was only fitting that she announced her latest, and possibly greatest, gig over social media as well. The only thing that could possibly have made her photo that much better would have been the first sighting of one of Chen's signature go-to snacks (an apple, if you didn't already know) floating around the new head of fashion partnerships' new office. Always keeping us coming back for more, Chen.

While I was a bit surprised to hear the news, as I am sure I was not the only one crossing my fingers for Chen to land another position in the magazine industry, the opportunity is fitting for the social media guru. The woman has basically mastered the art that is a social-media-approved photo and seems to embody the Instagram "cool girl" image.

I wonder if they'll adapt her famous shoe-bag-apple-in-back-of-car posts as a franchise for ads?

Or perhaps Instagram could start doing giveaways of the products Chen reviews? Please?

Congrats Eva! We look forward to following along on your Insta-journey!