10 of the Best Holiday Scenes in Literature

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When good things happen to our best-loved characters, they also happen to us to. And that’s especially true around the holidays, when our hearts and hopes are well primed for such instances of merriment, good fortune, and cheer. There is something about this time of year that makes me so badly want to crawl inside of a Dickens novel and stay for awhile — blame it on the parties, and the open fires, and the big life lessons learned on the coldest of winter nights. (If I’m being completely honest, it’s also the wassail.)

Our favorite literary characters can rock around the Christmas tree just as well as the best of us. Keep reading for ten of the best holiday scenes in literature — from giving, to getting, to Great Holiday Awakenings, to bubbling pots of hot apple cider. These scenes will have you feeling jolly in no time.

Image: Blackburn Drama Club/Flickr

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