This Is What It's Like to Have a Hot Parent

No offense to them or anything, but my parents are pretty much your typical parents in the looks department. In other words, I was not raised by a MILF or a DILF (sidenote, is PILF a thing? You know, as in Parents I'd Like To...?). And I'm honestly pretty glad about it, if the answers from this Reddit thread asking what it's like to have a hot parent growing up are accurate. Nothing against hot parents — I low-key hope to be one one day — but I'm sure the "I'd bang your mom" jokes get really old, really fast. Not to mention, gross.

Even though Redditors' experiences varied greatly — everybody's parents are different, after all, and attractiveness alone does not a crappy parent make — there is one thing that is guaranteed to happen: nonstop jokes and comments about your good-looking parent. It would honestly suck to be between the ages of, like, 13 and 18 and have a hot parent on top of that. I can't imagine what life must have been like for children of MILFs when American Pie came out. Or Stacy's Mom, for that matter. My heart goes out to you all, wherever you are.

Here are my favorite and in my opinion, most eye-opening responses from the thread:


To be fair, he is really hot.

Ugh, that's annoying.

Good point, it is a Catch-22 in terms of how you respond.

There are some serious, long-term consequences.

That's really sad.

At least there are perks.

No new friends.

An upsetting but truly eye-opening read.

For more responses, check out the full thread.

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