Ciara’s “Dance Like We’re Making Love” Music Video Is As Stylish As It Is Sexy, And Here Are The 6 Most Fashionable Moments

If you aren't jealous of Ciara's dance moves in her music video for "Dance Like We're Making Love," you'll definitely be jealous of her clothing choices. In the past, Ciara's music video style has been a little over the top, like that one time she wore a black criss-cross one piece under a pair of jeans in the music video for "Goodies" (I will forgive her for this incident considering it was filmed in the early 2000s), but her style for her newest music is over-the-top in a totally different way. Ciara's clothes in her video for "Dance Like We're Making Love" are so over-the-top glam I bet that even the Kardashians are jealous.

The video starts out with Ciara in a pool writhing around in a soaking wet, cropped white tee, aviators and a bright red pout and ends with her strutting down a dark hallway in a red sequin halter gown, ripping off her jewelry à la Charlize Theron's J'adore Dior commercials. Most of her looks are pretty fancy and glamorous, but she has a few casual moments, like the pool scene and when she's jamming out with her Beats headphones on (nice product placement. It wasn't obvious at all).

If you want to be inspired to get dressed up and go dancing, keep scrolling, because I've rounded up the best style moments from "Dance Like We're Making Love" for your viewing pleasure.

1. When she's in the pool wearing aviators and red lipstick

Reflective aviators are always a good idea. Pairing them with red lipstick is even better. I like her bathing suit (does this count as a bathing suit?) white tee combo, but let's be honest, it's not exactly wearable.

2. When she gets out of the pool and walks by a lion wearing these heels

These black lace up, ankle tie pumps are everything I want in a shoe.

3. When she dances in blue lingerie like only Ciara could


4. When she dances in a garden wearing a flowing red dress

It kind of reminds me of Selena Gomez in her music video for "Come And Get It."

5. When she aggressively ballroom dances in a beaded black frock

The high collar beaded bodice contrasts the very fluid skirt that must've been designed to show all of her legs when she moves.

6. When she rips off her statement necklace while walking down a dark hallway

I don't know how she does it, but Ciara somehow makes a red sequin halter dress look good.

You can watch the music video to see all of her looks in action and also get inspired to dance. You're welcome.

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Images: Ciara/YouTube (7)