The Feminist Instagram Account You Need to Follow

Instagram may be most often used for selfies and food porn, but one 20-year-old named Molly is using it to spread a more important message. Her account, Feminist Thought Bubble, is bringing issues of gender bias to the forefront by documenting insightful feminist quotes from both celebrity and non-celebrity women.

As can be seen in some of her posts below, Molly creates awesome drawings of women (both famous and otherwise) alongside various declarations on women's issues, gender inequality, and female encouragement. As Molly herself puts it in the account description, "I draw women who don’t buy into your casual sexist BS." Love that.

She's already captured the likeness of some amazing female figures, from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Laverne Cox. Her illustrations are impressive enough, but it's the wise words beside them that really capture your attention. The quote next to Ginsburg's picture reads, "Work for the things that you care about," while Cox's thought bubble says, "It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist." Now those are words definitely worth recording and sharing.

Of course, I, like most people, enjoy following lighthearted Instagram profiles that document everything from great outfits to bad breakup texts to cute puppies. But I love that Molly has chosen to use her account for a bigger purpose — and an awesome one at that. As she told the Huffington Post, "Through making this account, I hoped that people of all genders might look at my drawings and be able to gain a new perspective, like I had." Sounds like a must-follow to me.

Check out some of Molly's works from Feminist Thought Bubble:

Image: brunauto/Flickr