Is This Calvin Harris Song Inspired By T-Swift?

We all know Taylor Swift has a certain reputation for unabashedly basing her wildly successful hit songs on her real-life romances. But I believe that's the case for many songwriters, whether they've dated A-listers like Harry Styles or not. In fact, I think Swift inspired current boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris' brand-new single "How Deep Is Your Love," which was just released this weekend. Harris wrote the romantic electronic dance music club banger and collaborated with English band Disciples and Ina Wroldsen (who provided some uncredited vocals and writing) to bring it to life. And all I can think about as I've been playing it on repeat this weekend is that this song just has to be about his love for Ms. Swift.

It would make sense, as Swift and Harris have been dating publicly since March, and the Scotsman declared this week that he is insanely happy with the 1989 singer. Besides, the song's timing couldn't be better; as a follow-up to 2012's smash hit 18 Months (which was pretty much on the charts for just that long), Harris released the album Motion to lukewarm reviews last November, despite having such hits as "Outside" (with Ellie Goulding), "Under Control" (with Alesso and Hurts), and "Pray to God" (with HAIM). Personally, I thought it was an OK, but not too memorable album, with songs that I figured might be inspired by his rough breakup with Rita Ora. But "How Deep is Your Love" has a fresh sound that's already being declared by critics as better than all of Motion .

I've been following Harris' career since 2009, back when he was a mere fledgling UK pop singer with awkward black hair, and, I'll admit, seeing him be happy with Tay-Tay is breaking my heart a bit. Yet if their relationship keeps inspiring tracks like this, I think they need to go the distance, for the good of EDM and our ears.

Harris lets Disciples take on the vocals in "How Deep Is Your Love," but his words definitely do the talking here. I took a closer look at the lyrics and here's why I think Swift has inspired Harris' latest EDM hit.

1. It's Sexy

I want you to breathe me inLet me be your airLet me roam your body freelyNo inhibition, no fear

Hello! Is it getting hot in here or what? Harris also said this about his lady love: "It's boxes I didn't even know existed, she ticks. It's really ridiculous." Sounds like he's exploring new territory with Taylor.

2. It's Clearly An Early Relationship Song

There's a certain intensity to the beat and lyrics, in which the title question of the song is repeated numerous times. Yeah, that's also a signature of EDM, but it's a question you ask yourself when your new love is still giving you butterflies. Is this going to last? Are we all in? Do you love me? When will I see you again? Will you be there for me? How deep is your love? Those early days are filled with so much fun yet intense uncertainty, and this single definitely has that vibe.

3. It Hints At Him Being "Insanely Happy"

How deep is your love?Is it like the ocean?What devotion? Are you?How deep is your love?Is it like nirvana?Hit me harder, again

I think "nirvana" and "insanely happy" are an apt comparison, except the lyrics might be a bit more poetic.

4. It's Unabashedly Romantic — Which Is Rare For Him

As I mentioned before, I'm a huge Calvin Harris fan and I've been listening to his music for a long time. He doesn't have a ton of corny love songs in his repertoire. "Feel So Close" certainly comes, well, close, but Harris lets the beat take the front seat rather than the emotion. "I Need Your Love" has an overt desperation which could only come from a lover being ignored by someone who is just not that into them. "Bounce" is probably the greatest breakup song in existence. "Let's Go," "Drinking From The Bottle," and "Dance Wiv Me" are about bar hookups.

5. It Marks A Clean Slate For Both Of Them

Open up my eyes andTell me who I amLet me in on all your secretsNo inhibition, no sin

He trusts her opinion. He lets her show him new things. He wants to hear all about her. Can I say swoon? I mean, gosh. The lyric "no inhibition, no sin" is also repeated, which has me guessing that this is a relationship with a clean slate for both of them after not-so-good relationships ended in the past (him with Ora, her with Styles).

It sounds like Harris is all in, but what about Swift? You move, Tay-Tay.

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