You'll Do A Double-Take At These Naked Baristas

Maybe I am an old curmudgeon, but I don't want to look at naked people unless I have specifically sought out naked people to look at. I most certainly don't want to have my eyeballs subjected to guerrilla nudity when they're unprepared for it. I also worry about people's private parts being exposed to germs when they're naked in publicly populated places, because you really never know where you're sitting when you're out in the world, do you? To promote Nestle's new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer, the brand got a bunch of actors to be naked baristas selling coffee for a day, which is worrying not in the least because boiling water plus naked swimsuit areas could really be a recipe for utter disaster.

The initiative is to promote how natural the creamer is, with only four ingredients (milk, cream, a touch of sugar, and natural flavor), it's apparently one of the healthiest coffee creamers available. The nude barristers/actors were painted up to look like they were wearing aprons, but other than that, it appeared to be a parade of boobies and willies that really discombobulated patrons. The cafe was titled "Natural Bliss Cafe" and with signage blocking out an easy view to the outside world, guests were not expecting what greeted them when they walked in. Here are some of the best reactions:

1. Confusion

2. Skepticism

3. Trying really, REALLY hard to maintain eye contact

4. Nervous laughter

5. Shameless enjoyment

Watch the whole weird thing play out below:

Images: YouTube (6)