Fans Aren't Happy About Nicole's 'Vogue' Cover

Never mind that Nicole Kidman is an Academy Award-winning actress with numerous top-grossing movies under her belt — apparently all that matters nowadays is her appearance. Despite looking stunning as always, Kidman's August Vogue cover is facing negative comments from fans over her stoic appearance. The so-called controversy began last night when Marc Jacobs Instagrammed an image of the recent cover to boast how radiant the 48-year-old actress looked in a dress from his F/W '15 collection. Many followers responded by commenting on Kidman's overuse of botox and lack of emotion shown in the cover image.

Jacobs instantly jumped to the actress's defense. "All you haters... When were you last given a cover of Vogue? Damn people have a lot of negative energy..!!" he responded in the comments section. Someone give this designer a medal.

Kidman has faced a lot of negative media coverage recently because of her appearance — just last year at the Cannes 2014 film festival a lot of reporters speculated that she had had plastic surgery. Botox or not — can't we just let the woman live? Her talent (and supreme fashion sense, if I do say so myself) should be the only things we're discussing here. I'm not denying that Kidman looks freaking great for her age, whether she's turned to cosmetic procedures for help or not. All I'm saying is that there is more to her Vogue spread than her physical appearance.

The interview focuses on how down-to-earth Kidman is, residing at her Nashville home with her two children and country superstar husband, Keith Urban. She gushes over her garden (complete with apricots, grapefruits, and plums) and talks about bringing her youngsters to see Kidz Bop. If anything, Kidman is a stellar actress and even more stellar mom. The author, Jason Gay, comments on how she has no house maids or PR reps to do the work for her. She simply answers the door, and introduces herself, "Hi, I'm Nicole."

As for ditching the Hollywood life to settle down peacefully in Tennesse, Kidman also comments: “I can write here. I can hike. I can take my kids to school. I can live the way I’ve always wanted to live.” She then deems it "a real life."

I don't know about you, but there's nothing more empowering than seeing a woman doing exactly what she wants with her life. Kudos to you, Kidman. Kudos to you.

Images: Voguemagazine/Twitter (1); 2bmanagement/Instagram (2)