'There Will Be Blood: The HelloFlo Guide to Puberty' By Naama Bloom Is Coming In 2017, And It's Going To Be Amazing — EXCLUSIVE

On the rag. Surfing the crimson wave. A visit from Aunt Flo. Shark Week. Whatever you like to call your Red Badge of Courage, there’s gonna be a book about it. In a press release sent exclusively to Bustle on Tuesday morning, Penguin Young Readers announced that Naama Bloom, the founder and CEO of HelloFlo.com, will publish There Will Be Blood: The HelloFlo Guide to Puberty with Dutton Children's Books. The book is slated for a 2017 release, and with it, hopefully 12-year-old girls around the world will have way fewer head-scratching questions.

There Will Be Blood, which Bloom is writing with TheLi.st co-founder Glynnis MacNicol, "will incorporate real-life stories along with facts and illustrations" to help guide "a new generation of young readers and their families" through puberty's dangerous terrain.

Bloom writes:

Bloom and MacNicol are consulting with a panel of experts to write There Will Be Blood, but Bloom herself knows what she's talking about when it comes to women's health: HelloFlo.com, which began as a monthly delivery service for "fem care products," evolved into a company that "offer[s] one-of-a-kind care packages to help women and girls through transitional times in their life."

It sounds like There Will Be Blood will be an inspirational read — even for those of us who've come out the other side of puberty (relatively) unscathed.

Image: Martin LaBar/Flickr