Happy Birthday Britney Spears! Watch her Sexiest, Most Outrageous, & Most Viral Music Videos

It's hard to believe it's been more than 15 years since Britney Spears paraded the hallways of a high school in her plaid uniform, pom-pom pigtails, and '90s lipliner in "...Baby One More Time." The then teenaged pop princess was fresh to the viral scene, and showed off her most iconic asset (those abs) in a tied white button-down, knee high socks and a lot of attitude. Since then, Britney has transformed from a naive school girl into an airlines attendant, a circus ring master, and everything in between. Sort of like Barbie, Spears has worn many hats in her music videos, and will likely continue to do in songs off of Britney Jean , out Tuesday. And on Monday, Britney Spears celebrated her 32nd birthday. We can hardly fathom that the woman we pretended to be by singing into hairbrushes and cutting our modest tee's into belly shirts is in her thirties. But to celebrate the legacy that is Britney (bitch!), here's a look back at some of her most amazing, sexy, and darn-right nostalgic music videos.

...Baby One More Time (1998)

Ah, the video that launched it all. From the tick tock of the clock to the synchronized hallway dance moves, this is the video that will forever be parodied, and forever be inspiration for last minute Halloween costumes.

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Oops!... I Did It Again (2000)

Not her best ensemble, but if astronauts in space could get away with wearing body-hugging red vinyl body suits, Gravity would of looked a whole lot different.

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Stronger (2000)

Who knew a simple wooden chair could be so damn hot? Brit did, that's why she included it in her music video for "Stronger", where she enacts a sort of revengeful voodoo-ness on her cheating/ex-boyfriend and his new flame.

I'm a Slave 4 U (2001)

The snake. The hips. The abs. Danger meets sex appeal in Britney's most memorably seductive vid, "I'm a Slave 4 U".

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Me Against the Music (2003)

Twas the night of the 2003 VMA awards and the world (Justin Timberlake) was forever scarred from seeing Madonna and Brit Brit swap saliva on stage in perhaps the most memorable moment the award show has ever seen. Thanks to the kiss, and the pair's palpable chemistry, Britney's "Me Against the Music" video was an instant hit.

Britney Spears (HD) on YouTube

Toxic (2004)

"Toxic" is a fan favorite Britney song, and undoubtably her best music video. Perhaps it's the futuristic flight attendant getup, or the outfit made entirely of strategically placed sequins, but Britney is one steaming hot pile of goddess in this vid.

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Piece of Me (2007)

This song is brutally honest. Everyone wants a piece of Britney Spears, especially the guy with the hidden camera taped inside his shirt who thought he was gonna get lucky. Better luck next time, creep.

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Circus (2008)

The music video to end all music videos. Complete with a top hat, cane, and a coat and tails, Britney played ring master in this stunning and cinematically impressive music video for her 2008 track, "Circus."

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube