These 9 Picture Books Will Remind You Who You Are

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Have you ever reread some of your old favorite picture books? If you haven’t, I really recommend that you do. Not only are children’s books nostalgic and beautiful and so refreshingly easy to read, but they pack some serious philosophical punch. You don’t even have to implement any of your higher education training to find the symbolism here.

Every time I read a picture book, I am stunned by how gracefully the writers and illustrators manage to convey universal truths — like the significance of gratitude, and the wonders of your imagination, and the importance of heeding your instincts — without pretension. Kids have no time for that stuff. And neither, I can guess, do you.

So when you’re caught in a tight spot — including, but not limited to: FOMO; existential ennui; accidentally eating an entire sleeve of Oreos and sincerely regretting doing so — try reading these nine picture books for consolation and inspiration. They’ll remind you of your roots and teach you how to be better. Plus: so many pictures! So few words! Such massive font! Can’t ask for much more than that.

Image: Salem (MA) Public Library/Flickr

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