Taylor & Keds Are Putting Ladies First

Since she's clearly one of the most amazing women in entertainment right now, it's fitting that Taylor Swift is starring in a Keds campaign that's all about female empowerment. Move over, gents, it's time to put ladies first.

Swift has collaborated with Keds many times since 2013, and it looks like their relationship is far from over (yay!) — but the latest is taking a slightly different approach. Diverging from the previously preppier ads, the new campaign, targeted towards empowering women, features the Bad Blood singer looking a bit more scruffed up and edgy. Called "Ladies First," the ad series all about celebrating trail blazing women, just like Taylor Swift.

"A new generation of women has been leading an exciting cultural shift redefining the conversation about equality and female empowerment,” said Keds president Chris Lindner. And given that Keds was created to give women everywhere the opportunity to be who they wanted and go where they wanted, the campaign's message is certainly in keeping with the company's founding mission.

The full campaign will be released on Tuesday, but the teaser will definitely get you excited for what's to come. Taylor poses against a pop-art backdrop doing a hair flip, while the copy reads, "There will be moving. There will be shaking."

We can think of no person better at shaking things off.

Images: Keds; Getty Images