Must-See Spoilers From 'The Royals' Season 2

by Kayla Hawkins

After a first season that was like an artisanal soap opera, my excitement for The Royals to return started building right after that explosive finale just a few months ago. And in mid-June, producer Mark Schwahn confirmed where they're filming The Royals Season 2. And, luckily, the stars of The Royals are all on Instagram, so tracking their locations isn't too difficult — and, yes, I realize that sounds a tad creepy. But, it's all in the name of loving The Royals!

The characters from The Royals were left at the end of Season 1 with some serious cliffhangers. Evil Cyrus is now the king, and he may have killed not only his brother (who is undoubtably dead) but also the queen's lover (whose fate may have been ambiguous). Of course, since this show never met a twist it didn't like, turns out that Cyrus' tryst with a maid in an early episode resulted in a very quick pregnancy, so I don't think his reign will be without controversy. So, now, the former queen, Helena, and her two kids will have to work their way back up to their former glory by playing as dirty as Cyrus did to dethrone them. Anyhow, details about the show are on lockdown, but there are some things that can reasonably be deduced from their online posts. Seriously, those things are full of clues.

Most Of The Season Must Take Place In London

The cast is there, the first season was filmed there, and it seems appropriate to think that most of the show about British monarchy would take place in the UK.

Helena & Cyrus Will Have At Least One Major Showdown

There are probably more than just one, but this affectionate post by Elizabeth Hurley with the two in costume looks like it's in some type of study or maybe a darkly paneled church with stained glass windows — the perfect place for these two bad guys to hiss at one another.

And, Of Course, There Must Be A Castle

Without a castle, they wouldn't be The Royals, hmm? And, if William Moseley is posting this set pic, looks like the former Crown Prince might be figuring out how to get back to his former glory. Or, Cyrus has a reason to keep them close.

Filming in The King's Ostentatious Office

This set, clearly on an English soundstage, displays the king's ornate Red State Room. I'm sure many a scene of Cyrus scheming and making threatening phone calls will be in Season 2.

They'll Be Having A Few Drinks, Potentially In A Fancy Hotel

Cyrus actor Jake Maskell's caption here reads "drink and room service," so the king might be staying in a fancy hotel in this scene — though it looks more like another fancy office for the king. No king can have enough custom sets made to look like his office.

Could This Lion Be A Spoiler?

Actor Noah Huntley, who was maybe-killed in the Season 1 finale, spent the past few weeks in America, but recently posted this 'gram of a stately lion in an English mansion. Could this be a spoiler that he'll be back on the show, or could his earlier vacation be an indication that he won't be returning? Only time and Instagram will tell.

There Could Be Crimes By The Thames

Tom Austen (who plays Jasper) doesn't post a lot of behind the scenes pics, but he did tag this sunset by the Thames (River) with "The Royals," so could that be a clue about something sinister happening with the famous landmark in the background?

Is That A Football Stadium?

William Mosely's captions are maddeningly vague, but this glimpse of a soccer field on one of his posts seems to suggest that his character, Liam, will be working out some of his stress though sports... no sight of Ophelia, though.

Joan Effing Collins Is Back!

Everything else about this show could become terrible in the second season, and I'd be back just to see the one and only Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan — Joan Collins — appear. The rest of The Royals Season 2 doesn't need to do anything more to get my attention. Regardless of where they're filming the season, as long as they're in the same place as Joan C.? I'm in. And, you should be too.

Image: Kevin Plunkett/E! Entertainment