Fashion Rules For Warped Tour 2015

by Julia Guerra

If Coachella is the music industry's love child, Warped Tour is its rebellious teenage daughter with enough attitude to cover her bare midriff. While Coachella brings out the best of the best music fest fashion, Warped Tour fashion is less about showcasing runway-ready style, and more about representing your music taste with as much creativity and as little clothing as appropriately possible. Both events celebrate a diverse range of music genres, yet each represents a completely different style.

I remember my first Warped experience. There I was, engrossed in the fashion world where you read about calm, peace and love induced Coachella, the bohemian chic music fest in which attendees dress to the hipster nines, about to embark on a punk rock adventure through the Jersey heat. What to wear?

Warped Tour date I attended this year landed on possibly the hottest day of the summer so far, with temperatures reaching low to mid '90s. Rest assured that when you are spending nine hours rushing from one stage to another, ultimately losing yourself in a crowd of people moshing, the last thing you want to be caught wearing is a Topshop sundress and designer sandals. You won't stand a chance in the heat.

I may not have been as adventurous as others, but my Warped Tour attire was pretty much on point this year. Well aware of the weather situation, I let my mom slice my Pierce the Veil T-shirt in half and paired my new crop top with denim shorts, and (not photographed) a trusty pair of black sneaks.

Basically, the rules to abide by when dressing for Vans Warped Tour are as follows:

1. Go As Bare As Possible

Warped Tour lasts throughout the summer, and if you are in attendance anywhere from July through August, it is going to be hot, and that's before taking into account all the human bodies fused into one venue. You will be wearing stranger's sweat by the end of the night. It's the bitter portion of a sweet experience. Dress accordingly.

2. Support Is Key

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or, if you are opting to wear a bikini top, make sure it's extremely secure. If you plan on jumping around or are brave enough to crowd surf your way to the front of the stage, your girls are in for some intense exercise.

3. Represent Your Music

I often think of Warped Tour as the island of misfit toys, where those of us who sob at heart wrenching lyrics can scream at the top of our lungs because the music understands our every emotion better than we can. You can't go wrong with a band tee.

4. If You're A Dude

Band tees are also the standard for male Warped Tour attendees. Unless you're this guy:

Who totally stole the show, obv.

If you're #teamWarped when it comes to style, you really can't go wrong by following my advice.

Images: Julia Horniacek (4); Getty Images (2)