Miley Cyrus Will Host VMAs & You Should Be Pumped

by Kaitlin Reilly

There's no one who can keep us entertained quite like Miley Cyrus, which is why this news is so amazing. On Monday the "We Can't Stop" songstress took to Twitter to announce some epic news, and it's pretty much everything fans could ask for. Cyrus will be hosting the MTV VMAs in 2015, and she made the announcement in the most Cyrus way ever. In order to announce her hosting gig in a grand way, Cyrus donned a green alien jumpsuit and held a sign with the message on it. Odd? Maybe for anyone but Cyrus, who will no doubt bring the same kind of enthusiasm to MTV in August.

Cyrus is arguably one of the most famous people on the planet, but this job is still a great move for Cyrus career-wise. She doesn't need the exposure: Cyrus needs to show people that she's capable of holding an audience's attention with more than just controversial performances (helloooo, Robin Thicke) and risqué costumes.

Luckily, Cyrus has the talent to back up all of her grand gestures, and fans of the VMAs should be pumped to see her as host. Here are just a few reasons why Cyrus will be a VMAs host worth watching this year.

1. She's Knows How To Laugh At Herself

Cyrus appeared on Saturday Night Live shortly after her controversial VMAs performance in 2013, and didn't hold back on poking fun at her own image — not that she was apologetic about anything, of course. The only person Cyrus feels she owes an apology to are the people who make the bottom halves of shirts. The VMAs need a host who is willing to wink at the audience and put themselves as the subject of their jokes, and Cyrus is the expert on unapologetically laughing at herself.

2. She Can Use The Platform For Good


Admittedly, there was some pretty serious controversy when Cyrus brought a homeless youth as her date to the VMAs, and then allowed him to speak on issues of homelessness, but that shouldn't change the fact that Cyrus used her fame and power to speak publicly about an important issue. The VMAs aren't about outreach, but I'm always impressed by hosts who can say something important in between acts.

3. Her Outfits Slay

Paul Kane/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm always fascinated by Cyrus' costuming, and I can only imagine how crazy her outfits will be once she's actually hosting the VMAs. I mean, did you see the outfit she donned just to announce that she was hosting the VMAs? I think that's pretty telling.

4. She Never Fails To Put On A Great Show

Say what you will about that Thicke performance, but we're still talking about it. I have no idea what stunt Cyrus is going to pull when she hosts the VMAs, but I have a feeling we will be discussing it for months on end. I hope we can handle it.

Images: Getty Images