Will Ferrell As 'Anchorman's Ron Burgundy Took Over An Actual Newscast & It Was Glorious

Anchorman 2 comes out very very soon (Dec. 18), which means that popular culture is standing to attention in anticipation. It also means that Will Ferrell is making the rounds Will Ferrelling. Most recently that took the form of Ferrell co-hosting an actual news broadcast as Ron Burgundy. Because why not?

Ferrell, in character as legendary San Diego news anchor Ron Burgundy, co-anchored North Dakota station KXMB's broadcast with usual anchor Amber Schatz. No, we have no idea why they chose that particular station in that particular state, but it probably has something to do with viral marketing theory. It's also a nice "challenge accepted" to the real-life sportscaster who did his broadcast in character as Ron Burgundy recently.

The highlights:

  • Partway through the sports anchor's segment he reaches his hand into the frame and pats the dude on the shoulder.
  • "I've never seen fighting in a hockey game before. That was fascinating."
  • "About twenty minutes," he says in reference to how long it takes to grow a mustache.
  • "Dakota STORMCENTER."
  • Usual anchor Schatz suppressing giggles at the fact that she's doing her normal job only with Will Ferrell next to her in character as Ron Burgundy.
  • The way he pronounces s'mores.

The video itself is pretty long — a half hour, AKA just the entire newscast. But by the beard of Zeus, it was also pretty great.