Icona Pop Parody Celebrates Fandom Crack Shipping & It's Pretty Great

Ever rooted for two characters who make zero actual sense to get together forever and/or bone? Same. If you fandom long enough (and yes, it's a verb) it's bound to happen. YouTube ladies Not Literally understand this, and so they created a parody to Icona Pop's "I Love It." This time it's "I Ship It." We ship it, too.

"You're on the canon ground, I'm up in crackship space," they sing, kind of reminding us of the fact that we'd be really super happy if Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester ever had the chance to bang.

"They keep saying they're not gay but yeah I really doubt that," they continue a little later in the song, no doubt causing hundreds of Sterek shippers to punch the air in unison. And hey, it's not like slashy crackshipping isn't more prevalent than ever.

This whole thing is pretty great, and in fact kind of feels like just the kind of anthem the tumblr fandom community needs. Because sure, Game of Thrones' Danaerys Targaryen and Mad Men's Peggy Olson may never have met and might not even exist within even remotely similar universes, but they should definitely hang out and kill some dudes and probably get married.

notliterally on YouTube

Image: Not Literally/Youtube