Reasons Why Women & Weed Should Be BFFs

When I smoke weed, which honestly is less often now compared to days past, I usually find myself puff-puff-passing to men more than I do to women. In fact, most of the time, I'm the only girl among a gaggle of guys hanging out under that smoky cloud. It's weird though, especially when you consider all of the solid reasons why women and weed should hang out more and become better friends.

Browse the stoner movie canon and you've got Half-Baked, How High, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle — all of which not only weirdly begin with the letter "H," but almost entirely cast their marijuana users as male. Sure, there's Cher, who only tokes it up at parties, or Jackie Brown's "fine little surfer girl" Melanie, whose life goal is to "get high and watch TV," but weed has very rarely played a role in pop culture's female narrative. Let alone an intelligent one.

When you meet another girl who prefers marijuana over alcohol, you tend to get really excited about finding this wonderful unicorn. So as I lay out my argument to convince my fellow ladies to, if not smoke more, at least be more open to talking about weed, keep in mind I'm still waiting for that all-female sess. (Holla at me.)

Girls Should Stick Together

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The weed plant comes in two sexes, but the female bud carries the THC goods that get you high. We could get into the weeds of plant pregnancies and all, but you just need to know your girl will be there for you when you need her. So if you're looking to scoop up more gal pals like Taylor Swift, look no further than Mary Jane, aka Rick James' "main thang."

Weed Is Healthy For You — No, Really

Smoking weed might give you the mad munchies, but it turns out marijuana users have smaller waists and higher levels of good cholesterol than people who don't get high, according to researchers at the University of Nebraska, Harvard School of Public Health, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Cannabinoids, or the chemical compounds in weed, can slow the growth of breast cancer cells, according to a Molecular Oncology study. Pot smokers can also better manage their blood sugar, and let's not forget how clutch it is during that time of the month.

Marijuana Is The Fountain Of Youth


A 2008 study published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B suggested marijuana's active ingredients could prevent brain aging, Alzheimer's, and other degenerative brain diseases. Turn out our brains have compounds that are similar to THC that can trigger a self-cleanse that removes damaged cells and help our brains better function. Smoking weed also helps maintain your overall mental health by alleviating stress and anxiety, which will prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your face. No woman, no cry indeed.

Your Vagina Can Get Stoned, Too

While there's no scientific proof that marijuana increases your libido, smoking weed can help you relax so you increase your chances of getting the big O. There's also a weed-infused lubricant for your vagina called Foria that claims to carry 2 mg of THC in each spray. The Frisky's Amelia McDonell-Parry reviewed the lube saying it can "loosen you up and relax your vaginal senses."

Getting High Gets Your Creativity Higher

There's no question Rihanna loves weed (remember her infamous Coachella pic?), and in 2011, Lady Gaga told 60 Minutes she "smokes a lot of pot" when she sits down to write her music. While there are some disputes over whether marijuana actually makes you more creative or simply makes you think you are, what's the difference as long as you document your experience? You never know when a high thought manifests into something real.

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