How To Get Free Appetizers Tonight

Run, don't walk, today to your nearest Applebee's! For July 21 only (that's today, people!), Applebee's is giving away free appetizers all day today as a part of its #TasteTheChange campaign. What's the occasion? The chain is introducing a new menu and wants to give you the opportunity to try some of the latest items free of charge. What could be better? I'm very excited about this promotion, since I am a shameless lover of Applebee's myself — and I'm not just saying that: I go to Applebee's with my family almost every time I go home to visit them, because it's one of my all-time favorite places.

If you're curious about what exactly you'll get for free today, you've got two options: The Sriracha Shrimp and Churro S'mores. But, you'll have to decide weather your taste buds are craving spicy or sweet, as you can only get one of these free samplers. According to Applebee's, receiving additional samplers may be possible if you're with a large group; according to the promo's website, the rule of one order per party may be flexible "depending on the size of the party." So, there may be a way to get around this policy if you grab a ton of your friends along the way before you arrive — but be warned that Applebee's makes no promises.

There are a few other caveats, as well: You'll have to dine in the restaurant in order to receive your free appetizer, as the offer doesn't extend to Carside to Go or online orders; furthermore, the offer is also only valid at participating locations, so you may want to call the restaurant you're planning to go to ahead of time to make sure they're running the promo.

Applebee's is also broadcasting a livestream all day today, where they are commenting on and sharing posts tagged on social media with the hashtag #TastetheChange. It's also worth noting that the deal is only good for two million appetizers around the country — but hey, at least the livestream is keeping a running tally of how many are left, too. As of press time, there are 1.6 million left, so make sure to get to Applebee's before it's too late!

The best part? The deal is good all day, with the only restriction being the closing time of your local restaurant. There are over 1,800 Applebee's locations across the country, with many staying open until midnight or 1 a.m, so no worries if you have to work late or already have plans tonight. You can use this website to find an Applebee's location near you and check to see how late they're open.

Having trouble deciding if you want shrimp or churros? If you want to hear a little bit more about each of the free appetizers, here's the lowdown of what you need to know about each of them.

1. Sriracha Shrimp

This spicy shrimp dish is perfect for those of you who want to snack on something savory that has a kick. The Sriracha Shrimp appetizer is marinated in a BBQ spice blend and a chile lime sauce and served with fried tortilla strips. Can you say yum?!

2. The Churro S'mores

Applebee's new Churro S'mores come with deep fried churro twists that you can dunk into a sweet, decadent s'mores dip that oozes the perfect mix of toasted marshmallow's and melted chocolate.

Have you decided which appetizer you're going to get? Remember, this deal is only good today, July 21st so make sure to get to your nearest Applebee's before the deal is over!

Images: Applebees (2), Puja Dharod, Freebie Shark/Instagram; Applebee's/YouTube