Why We Have Few Female Science Reporters

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Until today, I wasn't aware of science reporter Emily Graslie's work. Now I want her to be my new BFF. As a correspondent for Chicago's Field Museum, Graslie hosts an educational YouTube video series called "The Brain Scoop," with segments centered on various museum exhibits and science topics. A lady? Talking about science? Cue the sexist comments, folks!

Taking a break from her usual fare, Graslie addressed this sexism in a recent segment called "Where My Ladies At?" With help from director and video editor Michael Aranda, she shares some selections from her inbox — which include gems such as "this is the weirdest lesbian porn I've ever seen" and "I can't stop looking at her nose ... it kinda makes her look like a nerdy pig."

Graslie says that "There are significantly less women making science and technology-themed educational channels on YouTube," in part due to a fear of the feedback from subscribers and commenters and the "pressure to be the whole package."

But rather than simply focusing on the ire-provoking injustice of it all, Graslie calmly and articulately explains how these types of comments affect not only her and her work but all aspiring female content creators in STEM fields. Plus, she offers suggestions for how women and men can help combat this crap going forward. Watch, laugh, learn and be inspired: