What Have Danielle Staub's Daughters Been Up To?

by Marenah Dobin

Real Housewives of New Jersey just isn't the same since Danielle Staub's departure. Sure, the show has had some great moments in the time that has passed and Teresa Giudice is now a household name, but that doesn't mean I can't miss Danielle. She always brought the drama and the entertainment, and I never used her screen time as a chance to get up for a snack or bathroom break like I do with some cast members. Even Danielle Staub's daughters, Christine and Jillian, were captivating. It is beyond me that Bravo let these girls go without giving them their own television show.

I'm sure it can't be easy dealing with the scrutiny that comes with being on reality television, but Jillian and Christine always seemed to handle things well and appeared to have good heads on their shoulders. I remember Christine's fledgling modeling career on the show and Jillian writing and singing her own songs, so I am curious to see what the girls have been up to since their time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Staub girls have stayed out of the public eye, but luckily for us Danielle is like most other moms and has documented many of her kids' achievements.

Excelling In School

Christine is doing very well in school and extracurricular activities at Seton Hall University, so Danielle has every reason to be a proud mom. She's even made the Dean's List.

Winning State Championships

If you follow Danielle on Instagram, you can see that cheer has consumed her life. Her daughter Jillian is a very enthusiastic cheerleader for sports games and competitions. Her high school team even won the state championships this past year.

Dressing Up For Prom

Jillian was like any other high school girl getting ready for the prom with her mother's support. She looked stunning!

Hanging With Mom

On RHONJ, Danielle was super close with both Jillian and Christine, so I was curious to see this continued as the girls grew up and matured. It sure seems that way! The trio hangs out a lot and really seem to be best friends.

Going To Concerts

Jillian and Danielle enjoyed their time watching SoMo in concert.

Supporting Each Other

Even though Christine is in college, she still takes the time to support her younger sister Jillian at events like her homecoming dance.

Fanning Out Over Katy Perry

The mother-daughter trio attended the Katy Perry Prism tour together, proving that mothers and daughters really can be best friends.

It's nice to see that both Jillian and Christine are growing up to be well balanced and accomplished women — and that they haven't let the reality television craziness affect them in any negative way.