7 Free Bachelorette Party Games

For my budget-conscious ladies, or my ladies who are spending dough on their wedding and hoping to save on everything else, the Internet is a vast, resourceful land with lots of stuff that you can print out for free. Just because some people go to Vegas, enjoy getaways to the spa, or have wild weekends in NYC, it doesn't mean you have to go all out to have fun with your best friends at your bachelorette. Don't be afraid to throw a low-key party centered around conversation, food, drinks, and these free bachelorette party games.

The average American wedding costs $27,021. In New York City, the average wedding price jumps to $76,687. That is an incredible amount of dollar bills that could go to a house, car, food, education, bills, vacations, etc. — all being spent on one single day. The wedding industrial complex is real, y'all.

WARNING: Most of the printable bachelorette party games that you'll find on the Internet are heteronormative af in the language and picture department (read: penises everywhere). Since there are unfortunately not too many gender-neutral or gender-diverse options in this list, hopefully you can utilize some of these ideas to create personalized bachelorette party games.

1. Bachelorette Party Photo Hunt

These printable scavenger hunt instructions from Cosmopolitan prompt the bachelorettes to help the bride complete as many photo dares as possible in 90 minutes. Dares include photobombing someone at a bar and capturing video of a 90s R&B serenade by a random stranger. Check out more scavenger hunts here.

2. Ex-Charades

No printing required for this one, but still free! Play a normal game of charades with two teams, except instead of a movie or a song, the bachelorettes act out one of the bride-to-be's old partners, crushes, or casual hookups.

3. Who Knows The Bachelorette?

This printable trivia game asks funny questions about the bride, like "Has she ever gotten into trouble with the police?" or "What is her biggest pet peeve about her partner?"

4. Pin The Junk On The Hunk

This is one of those penis-centric bachelorette games, but if your bride is into that, then it should be fun. Imagine Pin The Tail on the Donkey with a little more human biology and XXX to it. While you can buy official supplies off Amazon for about $11-$15 with shipping, you can also just make your own. Plus, if you take the creative route, you can personalize it for the bride.

5. Love Song Music Trivia

This printable trivia game asks you to fill in the blank to complete famous romantic song lyrics. (Cross out the answers at the bottom, though #Sharpie)

6. Naughty Mind Word Scramble

This printable game provides sexual descriptions of everyday objects, and asks you to keep your mind out of the gutter and unscramble the names of these actually mundane household items. (But once again, cross out the answers at the bottom. Don't these companies know we can handle the challenge?!)

7. Partner Trivia

The actual printout for this is real heteronormative, so if the bride-to-be is not marrying a groom, then you can potentially use this as an outline to create a trivia game with appropriate language and images. If she does have a groom, have him answer these questions about himself before the party. Then have the bride-to-be see how many questions about her future husband she can answer correctly (think The Newlywed Game.)

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