Taylor Swifts Shares “Bad Blood” Fight Training Video & This Is Far From The First Time She’s Kicked Major Ass

It's no secret that "Bad Blood" solidified Taylor Swift's status as a badass, but it's not just the special effects that should have you bowing down to her infamous butt kicking. On Tuesday, Taylor Swift posted a video of her fight training for "Bad Blood" in honor of her nine MTV Video Music Awards nominations, and she straight up throws dudes on the floor. Yes, it's as cool as it sounds, and no, you shouldn't be surprised. Why? Well, because the singer exacts similarly impressive feats on a regular basis.

From the obvious to the understated, the 1989 singer knows how to assert her strength and prowess. On the musical charts, at home, in the media, while Tumblr stalking, during familial events, when pet rearing — regardless of the situation, I would not want to be on the receiving end of a Swift one-two punch. Because, in any form, she has shown time and again, that she's going to win the battle. And she's going to win it hard. I guess that's the kind of attitude you have to have when you unofficially rule the world. Or, is it official yet? Eh, I guess it doesn't even have to be. We all know it's true.

If you're still somehow doubting her skills, check out all the instances below where Swift totally dominated:

1. When She Expertly Dealt With These "Rude" Sheep

Bye, Sheeplicia...

2. When Her Brother & The Easter Eggs Didn't Know What Was Coming

No one is safe.

3. When This Door Suffered At The Hands Of A Crop Top Wearing "Hulk"

That'll teach the rest of them. Don't stand in T. Swift's way.

4. When Meredith & Olivia Were Absolutely Not Getting Away With It

It's hard to be a disciplinarian, but someone's gotta do it.

5. When She Showed A Jumbo Shrimp Who Was Boss


6. When She Blasted Through A Wall

She does her own stunts!

7. When She Uploaded This Amazing Text Correspondence


8. When She Was Able To Laugh At Herself, Because She Is A Well-Adjusted Boss

I'm always betting on Swift. Even if Paddington is totally adorable.

As she's said before, don't mess with the girl in the dress.