Here's What Happens When Guys Shave Their Legs

If you ask a women to name the most pain-in-the-butt aspect of grooming, odds are shaving her legs will be at the top of the list. Buzzfeed got four guys to shave their legs for a video, and the results had them realizing why women are embracing their body hair more and more. From mastering the under-leg shave to working an extra long shower into their day, these men finally understand why so many women hate shaving.

The men started by discussing what they thought shaving their legs would be like, and only one was excited. Which makes that exactly one person that I've ever heard actually get excited about shaving. They began lathering up their legs, which proved to be a tricky step for some. But the real fun began when they grabbed a razor and got going.

After debating about going with or against the grain and figuring out just how hard to press, the men got a glimpse of their first smooth spot. Each man was instantly satisfied with their hard work — aren't we all? — but then quickly realized that they had their entire leg still left to go. About a half hour later, the guys were happy with their silky smooth legs, but vowed never to do it ever again. Amen to that!

The guys got off to a rough start

"I feel like I'm husking corn or something!"

But were excited to see their first tiny glimpse of smoothness

"Ohh damn, that's smooth!"

They mastered the under-leg approach

"I can't see it and I don't have the yoga capabilities to twist my body."

And were amazed at what they saw

"It doesn't feel like my leg. It feels like a piece of chicken."

In the end, the results were unanimous

"The process is straight up a pain in the ass."

And we agree, boys. We agree.

Images: Buzzfeed (5)