The Kardashian's Hair Stylist, Jen Atkin, Reveals An Unexpected Tip To Keep Hair Healthy

It's no surprise that the Kardashians are a major source of hair envy. There are dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated to their luscious locks. Celebrity stylist, Jen Atkin, is responsible for many of the Kardashian's most famous hairstyles. So when I heard that she was divulging some of her favorite hair tips, it definitely caught my attention. Who wouldn't want hair like the Kardashian clan? In a recent interview with, Atkin revealed one of her top tips for healthy hair, and it was actually kind of shocking.

Atkin stated that one of her favorite ways to keep hair healthy is by not cutting it. Crazy right? Most hairstylists recommend trimming your hair every eight weeks, however, Atkin's thinks that is too short of a time period. She recommends waiting four months between hair cuts in order to see the best results. While Atkin's didn't give a reason for this advice, her reputation for creating beautiful hairstyles gives her more than enough merit when it comes to discussing hair.

So keep the scissors at bay if you want to keep the Kardashian's hair trends. Let your hair grow long, and luscious between cuts. Want more hair advice from the guru herself? Atkin is creating a hair seminar class class called Mane Addicts University. Talk about a hair lovers dream come true. Need more Kardashian hair inspiration? Don't we all! Here are a few of my favorite Kardashian hairstyles.

1. Kim

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2. Khloe

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3. Kourtney

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4. Kendall

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5. Kylie

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