9 Things To Wear In An Apocalypse, Be It A Zombie Infestation Or 'Mad Max' Type Drought

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Have you ever late night pondered with friends about what to wear in an apocalypse? (I'll admit, I have.) Sometimes, it seems humans are a little obsessed with gloom and doom, but that's probably just our longing to overcome adversity, right? Right? Amid the influx of shows and films such as The Walking Dead, The Last Man on Earth, San Andreas, and Mad Max, it seems nearly everyone has spent at least a few moments debating the finer "what ifs" of an end of days scenario. Could you hack it without fast food? Where would you go and who would you bring with? Do you know how to navigate the woods or avoid being tracked by a hungry undead fellow, intent on munching upon your bwains?

It goes without saying that many of us are probably ill-equipped. Let's face it — we exist in a society that has our knowledge base tethered to electronic devices, and increasingly, our past times involve more and more screens or time spent indoors, and much less in the way of camping, hiking, and healthy adventures in the wilderness. But that doesn't mean we can't up our game with a little foresight. You can amp up your survival rate at home by starting a survival garden or community garden, protecting your skin with natural beauty hacks, and of course, prep your closet, just in case.

Sure, if a San Andreas scenario goes down, you're not likely to run home and give your wardrobe a quick switcheroo. You'll be running, climbing, and participating in general chaos, just like everyone else. But say zombies come into play — you'll have time to pull on your big black boots and grab some suitable pants, right? So let's hash this out for a moment or two, and get down to the basics of what you may need in your wardrobe to survive an apocalyptic scenario, even if it is just hypothetical (although I hear it snowed in Australia last week, so you never know).

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