Kelly Clarkson Slays Rihanna "Stay" Cover & She's Not The Only Artist To Flawlessly Cover The Pop Star's Music — LISTEN

It's just a fact of life: Kelly Clarkson slays any song that has the good fortune of interacting with her vocal cords. (If you need any proof, listen to, like, any song the American Idol winner has released ever.) Of course, when Clarkson belted the emotional lyrics to Rihanna's ballad, "Stay," it was totally on point and breath-taking.

The performance, which hit YouTube on July 19, appears to be from a recent concert. Although she's rocking a bedazzled dress, it's Clarkson's signature powerhouse pipes that shine in this song. Her feelings are palpable as she belts, "Not really sure how to feel about it / Something in the way you move / Makes me feel like I can't live without you / Yeah, it takes me all the way / I want you to stay, stay." (Chills, right?)

It's a stunning rendition of the song, but given the stark vulnerability and simplicity of the track, it's no surprise that many other singers have covered "Stay" as well. In fact, other artists love to put their personal spin on Rihanna's catalog, which includes numerous chart-toppers. While you definitely need to check out Clarkson's version of "Stay" below, here are nine other mind-blowing Rihanna covers. (I'm willing to bet some of these will totally take you by surprise!)

Ariana Grande, "Only Girl In The World"

OsnapitzDaly on YouTube

Slay it, Grande. Not only does the singer belt this cover, she completely changed it up and made it her own.

Demi Lovato, "Stay"

Demi Brasil on YouTube

It's hard to envision a version of "Stay" that is more controlled and emotional than Rihanna's original version, but trust Lovato to make it happen.

Taylor Swift, "Umbrella"

RachCallaway on YouTube

I sometimes forget that way back when, Taylor Swift was just a rising country singer playing small stages without insane production value. However, this cover of "Umbrella will never go out of style.

Kelly Clarkson, "B**ch Better Have My Money"

Clarkson obviously deserves a spot on this list. Not only can she nail a Rihanna ballad, but she can crush a sass-filled revenge track.

Vin Diesel, "Stay"

SwedishNinja1 on YouTube

There's no limit to the amount of awesome packed into this karaoke performance, courtesy of Vin Diesel.

One Direction, "Only Girl In The World"

The X Factor UK on YouTube

Way back in their days on The X-Factor, One Direction (and their floppy haircuts), covered this Rihanna hit. Bonus points for the killer dance moves.

Fifth Harmony, "Stay"

OfficialFifthHarmony on YouTube

Holy acoustic cover, Batman! Fifth Harmony show off their unbelievable voices in this harmony-filled rendition of "Stay."

Cody Simpson "Four Five Seconds"

SiriusXM on YouTube

Cody Simpson channels his inner John Mayer in this soul-filled cover of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney's collaboration.

Thirty Seconds To Mars, "Stay"

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube

Perhaps the most unexpected cover on the list is this rendition of "Stay." However, Jared Leto's vocals are kind of perfect as he owns this performance.

Check out Clarkson's "Stay" cover below:

IUPmusic89 on YouTube