A Guide To Khloe Kardashian's New Late Night Set

by Emily Lackey

There is only one thing that I love more than the Kardashian sisters, and that is the crazy way they design their homes. Or, should I say, the krazy way they design their homes. Nothing makes me happier than when one of those girls buys a gagillion square-foot home and begins the arduous task of hiring design gurus to turn it into a mecca of pop culture and black and white fixtures. So when I heard that Khloe Kardashian is getting a late night talk show on the FYI channel, I immediately thought of the set and what it was going to look like. Kocktails with Khloe is being defined as a "hybrid" talk show, showing the reality star in the kitchen and at the dinner table with various celeb guests. And so far, it already hints at the feisty, fun angle the show will most likely take, so I'm betting there will be some seriously over-the-top decorative moments, too.

That is why I'm hoping Khloe will take my advice and make sure that her set contains some of these essential Kardashian pieces. In addition to bold colors and animal print everything, Khloe will hopefully go super playful with her set design, and include some kritical pieces — like apothecary jars full of kandy and kookies for her guests included. (Of course.) But that's not all... here are a few other k-themed decor pieces I'd like to see on set:


Can you imagine that as a decorative element? So chic.

Kits — Of The First Aid Variety

With all of those kocktails flowing, someone's bound to need a band-aid or a kold kompress to make the swelling go down. Khloé better stock up.


For all of those makeup breaks that will be necessary to keep Khloe’s skin selfie-ready.

Kabuki Theater

To entertain the audience during the commercial breaks. Duh.

Kaffir Limes

For the tequila!


Everyone knows that Kardashian girls love a good metamorphosis...


To keep warm while she interviews A-List celebs.


Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images



To make everything sparkly.


To keep unruly guests locked away until airtime. Or Lamar when he visits, ‘cause that guy is eternally in the doghouse.

Kocktails with Khloé is slated to air in the fall. So if you need me from now until then, I'll be building Khloé-specific Pinterest boards until its premiere.

Image: David Tan, Scott Ashkenanz, O.S. Fisher, lensonjapan/Flickr; Caboodles, Classix Press, Petmate/Amazon (1); tomatotopin, marcellamoda/Etsy (2); Getty Images (1)