7 Songs To Celebrate Graduation Day... & Also Cope With The Existential Angst That Comes Along With It

Well, here you are: It's graduation day. After what feels like ages of middle school, high school, undergrad, or grad school, you have finally made it to the finish line and you're ready to start the exciting next chapter of your life. Will you overcome the dangers of underemployment? Will you sign up for another four years of school? Will you give up on your dreams and trek about eastern Europe for the rest of your life? Who knows — it's not the time to think about that, now! Don't worry if you don't have things figured out yet — that's not what this day is all about. No, today is about honoring your hard work — so, to help you enjoy the occasion, here are seven songs to help you celebrate graduation.

No matter what phase of life you're in, graduating can feel like an overwhelming step. After all this time and effort, you still have even bigger responsibilities ahead of you, whether it's entering the workforce, finding a grad school, or freaking out about the SATs. If you can, try to push the anxiety away and use this day to surround yourself with friends, family, and say to yourself, "I did it!" So grab a drink (a cocktail if you're graduating college or a refreshing soda if it's high school), put on some of these tunes, and cheers to a job well done.

Here are seven songs to help you celebrate the day. Some are sentimental songs about growing up, others are power anthems about kicking life's ass; all of them pair well with the big emotions you're feeling on this momentous occasion.

"Titanium" — David Guetta, Feat. Sia (2011)

David Guetta on YouTube

Haters said you'd never make it, but look at you now! Titanium, baby! Nothing will stop you.

"Beautiful Life" — Ace Of Base (1995)

Ace of Base (Official) on YouTube

Clearly, Ace of Base songs works for pretty much every occasion, but this one in particular is an energetic '90s pop anthem about forgetting tomorrow's worries and enjoying today.

"Graduation (Friends Forever)" — Vitamin C (1999)

TekkenGodZafina on YouTube

I mean, obviously, right? If you want to hear a song that expresses the feelings you're having in an extremely literal way, this is it.

"Wake Up" - Arcade Fire (2004)

BrainOrgasM on YouTube

"Our bodies get bigger, but our hearts get torn up." How do you know everything I'm feeling at all times, Arcade Fire?!

"Float On" — Modest Mouse (2004)


Many Modest Mouse songs will address the complicated existential questions you're grappling with as you look your future in the face, but "Float On" offers the more serenity than most.

"All My Friends" — LCD Soundsystem

Liam Cooke on YouTube

This song should be your defining philosophy for the entirety of your graduation day. Everything's going to be OK if you can see all your friends tonight (and you absolutely should).

"School's Out" — Alice Cooper

AliceCooperVEVO on YouTube

All that sentimental crap aside, you don't have any more school! Even if you are, in fact, moving to the next stage of your education in a few months, you can still be excited that, at least for now, school's out! Whether you're 8 years old or 80, that's always an exhilarating rush.

Now you're ready to celebrate the special day. (But, if you are over the legal age and are drinking, don't get too crazy! I don't have a "hangover-for-the-day-after-graduation" playlist prepared just yet.)