Hawaii's First Same-Sex Weddings: The Cutest Instagrams

Hawaii saw its first same-sex marriages Monday as the state officially opened city hall and church doors to gay couples to put a ring on it. The Aloha state approved gay weddings Nov. 12, and the new law of the island took effect at midnight last night. The first six marriages took place 45 minutes after midnight at the Sheraton's Waikiki resort, and newlyweds participating averaged 15 years of pre-martial coupledom. The married couples were: Keola Akana and Ethan Wung; Gary Bradley and Paul Perry; Shaun Campbell and Tony Singh; Donna Gedge and Monica Montgomery; Saralyn Morales and Isajah Morales; and Richard Rosehill and Shawna P. Okami.

Over 30 other couples signed up for marriage licenses at the Sheraton as the clock struck midnight (Hawaii law allows couples to get a license and to get hitched on the same day). Across town, Governor Neil Abercrombie, who called the special session that lead to the law's passage, looked on as a Unitarian minister married his long-time partner. Abercrombie must be happy on several levels: an estimate the University of Hawaii says the state will likely get a $217 million tourism boost over the next three years as a result of gay marriage.

But enough news — it's time for wedding pictures!!

Hoomaikai ana, lelo hoomaikai , one and all.