The Cast Of 'Twinning' Is Sure To Be Double The Trouble

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Reality TV competitions are all about alliances. Whether it's a show like Big Brother where contestants vote each other out of the game or a dating show like The Bachelorette where one's competitors can influence how the single lady in charge feels about him, it's super important to have other players on your side in order to win the game. In this regard, the cast of Twinning has it easy.

That's because VH1's newest reality competition series is all about twins. On Twinning, 12 sets of twins compete in physical and mental challenges designed to test the strength of their bond. If they fail, they will be sent packing that week. However, if they make it to the end of the competition, they will be handsomely rewarded with $222,222.22 split between the two of them, of course.

Winning Twinning isn't going to be a done deal, however. Though these twins may seem like they have an otherworldly connection, the pressures and the drama of being on a reality TV show are sure to get to some of them. Well, before you or I make any snap judgments, let's get to know these sets of twins and how their similarities and differences may play out on Twinning this season.

Image: VH1

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