17 Books That Are Perfect For A Lazy Day, Because Sometimes It's Just That Kind Of Afternoon

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Sure, you could spend your weekends hiking up mountainsides, kayaking down the river, or playing beach volleyball beneath a blazing sun, but sometimes you just wake up feeling kinda lazy. And on those days, what could be better than kicking back with a good book?

There are a lot of different kinds of books that make for great lazy-day reading. Long books make for great excuses to stay put in your reading nook all day long, but the shorter ones are lighter, and thus not as strenuous to hold, so if you're really committed to having a low-effort kind of day, they make great options too. Though many books you read can challenge you to think and push you to feel, a lazy-day book can't be one that is too strenuous or too complicated. You are trying to relax, after all. Books that charm, that make you laugh even if they make you cry, books that scare the crap out of you but keep you turning the page anyway, books that that make you want to stay in them all day long — those are the kinds of books you want to spend your relaxed day reading.

Here are 17 lazy-day reads perfect for doing just that.

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