New Details About Paul Walker's Death Are Sad & Confusing

New details about the tragic car crash that claimed the lives of actor Paul Walker and his good friend Roger Rodas this weekend in Santa Clarita, Calif. have reportedly begun to emerge this week: According to JustJared, police are investigating the possibility that the Porsche Walker and Rodas were riding in may have malfunctioned due to "mechanical failure," possibly causing Rodas (who has been described as an "experienced driver") to lose control of the vehicle before it hit a tree off the side of the road. Apparently, sources connected to Always Evolving, the auto shop that was co-owned by Walker and Rodas, there's the possibility "of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident scene" — and this is backed up by the fact that there are apparently no skid marks until the site of the crash at the scene.

Alternatively, TMZ is reporting that police are also investigating tips that Walker and Rodas were racing the car just prior to the crash because the street where the accident happened is notorious for street-racing, but this hasn't been confirmed. According to eyewitnesses at the scene during the time of the crash, both Walker and Rodas were trapped in the vehicle from the moment of impact, and flames prevented the two from making an exit — but there's been no mention of another car being involved from those who attempted to assist Walker and Rodas. The two are said to have decided to take the car out for a joyride while at an event to raise money for his charity, Reach Out Worldwide — during which time Walker was described as "so happy" during his final hours.

"He had been so happy," Walker's friend, Bill Townsend, said of the star. "He was there at the event and had managed to raise thousands and so many people had bought toys. So many people had come out to support the charity and he was with his friends. It was a great day for him. He was overwhelmed to have so much support." Additionally, at the time of his death, Walker is said to have been working on his relationship with his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, who had recently moved from Hawaii to California in order to be closer to him.

Also according to TMZ, fans and friends of the actor and Rodas have begun to gather at the crash site to pay their respects, and build a massive vigil of candles, flowers, and letters for the two. Yesterday, Walker's Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson paid a visit to the scene, where he was videoed breaking down in tears upon arrival.

As The Hollywood Reporter reported this weekend, Universal is already in talks with director James Wan about the seventh Fast & Furious movie, which was in production at the time of Walker's death — as of now, it seems that the studio brass will definitely be delaying the film, but still plan on releasing it at some point. That film wasn't the only one Walker had in production before his death, though: He had apparently wrapped filming on Hours , starring as a man who "struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina." The film is currently in post-production and set to hit theaters on Dec. 13. You can check out a trailer for the film below.

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