We Have A New Identity To Question On 'PLL'

When will the questions end? This was supposed to be the #SummerOfAnswers, wasn't it? Tuesday night's “O Brother, Where Art Thou” introduced yet another mystery to PLL fans — and not even Charles seems to have the answer to this one. Jason might've failed to outsmart Charles with his ill-fated attempt at catching him at his birthday party, but it appears that another mystery person might've just snuck up behind A. At the end of Tuesday's episode, an "ally" sent Charles a gift on Pretty Little Liars and now there's another mystery person for us to theorizing late into the night about. Who sent the gift? And, if Charles doesn't know who they are, are they even more dangerous than A?

The episode didn't reveal what exactly this mysterious ally sent to Charles and how they knew that it was his birthday – but, at this point, we could probably make a few, solid guesses. Naturally, my first reaction was to assume that Red Coat was somehow involved in this. I mean, from what we know and don't know about the mysterious character, they were probably working with A throughout the earlier seasons of PLL. But what if it were someone close to home? We know that Mona and Leslie both know more than they're letting on about Charles — so, was this their way of letting A know that they're still playing the game? Or, maybe, it was Mona's way of pulling the wool over A's eyes and getting them back for taking the game from her.

Really, though, anyone could have sent that gift. Mike returned for the first time in Season 6 — like we've said before, there are no coincidences in Rosewood. We know that Mona pulled Mike pretty deep into the game and he might, just like a handful of characters that've come before him, know a lot more than he's letting on, too. There are literally suspects everywhere. So, ultimately, what does A's new "ally" mean for PLL fans? Well, we're in for yet another identity case like we've been trying to crack for five seasons with Charles — can't you just get through one reveal at a time, I Marlene King?

At the same time as this person's identity might have us stumped, however, I also can't help but wonder if this person is actually on the A-team or just trying to gain Charles' trust to draw him out into the open and end this torment once and for all.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family