tWitch & Alex's Hip Hop Performance On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Is The Fan Favorite, But These 5 Dances Deserved The Spotlight

It's been ten years and almost twelve seasons, and yet So You Think You Can Dance continues to be one of the best competition series on television. The Emmys certainly think so as once again the series was nominated for Best Reality Competition. On the SYTYCD 10th Anniversary celebration episode Tuesday night, judges, host Cat Deeley and fans were able to choose their favorite dances of the last ten years. Most of the choices were obvious, we saw the Park Bench dance (though with Katherine dancing alongside Travis) and Jasmine and Comfort's badass Hip Hop routine to "Run The World." And some choices were surprising but absolutely perfect like Paula Abdul picking The Flower and The Hummingbird dance from Season 3, danced by Hok and Jamie. But the fans voted on Alex & tWitch's Hip Hop routine to "Outta Your Mind" as their favorite routine of all time, and while it's an awesome choice, the episode should have featured a few more amazing dances that should have been showcased.

To be frank, one hour is just simply not enough time to fit in all of the amazing routines we've seen throughout ten years of brilliant dancing. I wanted to see the return of some of our favorite and more memorable judges like Mary Murphy, Christina Applegate, Anna Kendrick, Lil' C and more. I wanted to see more of our favorite dancers come back for a big party rather than just seeing a few and giving the dancers from Season 12 only a few seconds to show off solos. The competition nights are for them, the anniversary should have been for us. But really I just wanted to see at least a few of these incredible routines that make me keep watching So You Think You Can Dance, week after week.

1. Season 5's "Gravity"

chao6474 on YouTube

Hands down one of the best dances by Mia Michaels ever to grace this show.

2. Season 10's "Wicked Game"

Mandi Timothy on YouTube

Does anyone need anymore proof that Travis Wall is an incredible choreographer? Pretty much every dance he's ever choreographed on the series has been pure brilliance. He's one of the best alums to come out of the show and one of the best names in dance right now.

3. Season 2's "Ramalama Bang Bang"

Wade Robson kills it with this group number. In fact, it might be my favorite group number ever, and that's an insanely tough field.

4. Season 3's "Time"

Loquacious Linet on YouTube

Mia Michaels has always been an amazing choreographer, but this dance took her great skill and combined it with true heart as this dance was dedicated for her father.

5. Season 8's "Misty Blue"

Myke Baldwin on YouTube

Christopher Scott is definitely one of the best Hip Hop choreographers on the show (aside from the always awesome NappyTabs) thanks to finding a great balance of Hip Hop, story and other genres to make his routines all the more exciting. Sasha proved to be a force to be reckoned with in this number.

Images: Screenshot/FOX