Young School Kids Imagine The Future of Shopping

Many millennials will always remember that scene from Clueless where Cher was tapping her way through her touchscreen digital closet as she chose an outfit to wear to school. However, we are now living in that reality and it turns out that young school kids are already envisioning technology in radical ways when it comes to retail. A British department store called John Lewis created a contest called the Innovation Challenge, where children between the ages of nine and 11 were required to answer, "What will the shop of the future look like?"

Receiving over 164 entries, the Innovation Challenge impressively covered everything from 3D printed dresses to virtual fitting rooms. And considering the reality of technology entering the world of retail is slowly yet seamlessly being integrated and meshed together, these school kids are quite impressively thinking up of quite plausible ideas. It makes it seem like Rebecca Minkoff's high-tech fitting rooms that are fully equipped with touchscreen mirrors, displaying whatever you bring into the room as well as offering other similar suggestions, is just the rudimentary basics of the future of shopping.

One of the judges for the Innovation Challenge, John Vary, said, "It's good to look at how kids look at things. We try to do that in the innovation process; it's all too easy to miss the obvious by focusing on what is too complicated."


To top it all off, listening to what the school kids of today have to say about the future of shopping is absolutely adorable on top of being quite impressive as well. It definitely says a lot about the potential paths retail can go towards in the future. Watch out, Minkoff!

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Images: rebeccaminkoff/Instagram; Getty Images (2)