Rock N Rose Emoji Rings Will Help You Embrace The Emoticon Trend While Staying Chic

You can get emojis printed on practically anything your heart desires these days — clothes, handbags, and now even jewelry. Rock N Rose has created a line of emoji rings that are actually incredibly pretty, because who doesn't want to rock tiny pizzas on their fingers? Emojis are totally #trending right now, and this line of delicate bands will help you embrace them in the least lame way possible.

I know what you're probably thinking. Emojis on silver rings? How tacky. Quite the contrary, actually. They are adorably chic and delicate, and you're totally going to want one. Trust me.

Each ring features a thin sterling silver band with an itty bitty gold emoji at the center. The range includes seven of the most beloved styles, everything from the infamous Happy Poop to the badass Fist Bump. My personal favorite? The Sassy Girl. You know, the girl who sticks her to the side in a very IDGAF fashion. Talk about making a fashion statement. Fancy a pizza slice on your digits? You got it. Perhaps the Heart Eyes smiley is more your style? Go for it. There's something for everyone.

Check out the full emoticon collection.

1. Happy Poop

Nothing says you've arrived like a pile of smiling poop.

2. Pizza Slice

Taking your pizza obsession to a new level.

3. Peace Sign

Classic and cool.

4. OK Symbol

A-OK in my book.

5. Heart Eyes

Another one of my favorites.

6. Fist Bump

Totally rad.

7. Sassy Girl.

This is the obvious winner.

Shop the styles at for $37.50.

Images: Rock N Rose (8)