Kim Accidentally Weighs In On Nicki/Taylor Feud

It was the Twitter exchange heard 'round the world. On Tuesday, Nicki Minaj blasted MTV for not nominating "Anaconda" for a Video Music Award for Video of the Year in a series of subtweets. Taylor Swift believed that the rapper was pointedly shading her (Minaj claims she wasn't), and they exchanged some words about it. Needless to say, the Minaj/Swift feud definitely made some waves — waves that apparently didn't reach Kim Kardashian, who was in Paris and blissfully unaware of any "bad blood" between the two artists. The reality star was busy tweeting pics of her Vogue Spain photo shoot in the middle of the night, as one does. The only problem? Her timing could not have been worse (or hilariously better?), as more than one of her tweets suddenly took on a whole new meaning in the midst of the Minaj/Swift war. And when she realized what was going on — well, let's just say that Kardashian's reaction was so not Kanye West.

Let's start from the beginning. Kim Kardashian, lover of selfies, photo shoots, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and herself, was in the middle of tweeting out glamorous pic after glamorous pic from her Vogue shoot, many of which took place at the iconic L.A. hotel (that is the sound of me weeping from jealousy). At the same time, Nicki Minaj was essentially accusing MTV of racism when it came to the nominations in the Video of the Year category, and Taylor Swift was accusing Nicki Minaj of not supporting women. And then there is Kim K, who, totally coincidentally, was tweeting things like this:

Which, to the untrained eye, is just a totes cas pic of the reality star having a spot of tea. But to those who are a little more Internet savvy, that ish is pretty much a reenactment of the Kermit the Frog sipping tea, "but that's none of my business" meme, used to passively-aggressively confront haters. But then things get even more comedic (so much so that Kardashian should probably star in a French farce) when she tweeted a photo of herself with the famous Kanye-West-to-Taylor-Swift quote, "Imma let you finish" (the caption has since been deleted):

Of course, fans and Twitter users everywhere pretty much took this as a sign of Kardashian siding with Minaj, though Kardashian was quick to point out that the photo was just a case of really, really bad timing, and said she wasn't shading anyone:

Though Kardashian's involvement in the Minaj/Swift exchange was an honest-to-goodness total coincidence, her approach to the topic is pretty much the exact opposite of anything her husband would chime in with. Though West himself has kept mum on the situation, you know if he were somehow roped into the convo, Yeezy would not say silent, let alone neutral. Sure, West and Swift might be besties now, but the rapper has certainly been more than vocal when it comes to racial issues and hot-button topics, so I'm sure if he ended up in the middle of this like Kardashian, he'd have viewpoints that he would not hesitate to share in the form of a Twitter rant.

That being said, it's probably a good thing that Kim and Kanye have such different reactions. Because then it would be like two Kanye Wests in one relationship, and that's one Kanye West more than the world can handle.